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The Beauty of Taking an Amazon River Cruise

Amazon rain-forest is known and uniquely stand stands out as the richest biodiversity in the world. The beauty of the species that is distinct by color is a key invitation for bird-watching. The Amazon jungle carries about 20% of the plants globally.

The rain-forest is and has to be your destination if you are an ardent pursuant of nature. It is the best way to celebrate the purity of nature due to its greenery surrounding.

You need a full vacation just to have an encounter with the undisturbed tropical jungle. Amazon river cruise has multiple options as below.

Manatee explorer has unique features suitable for Ecuadorian rain forest In this boat you can visit the Monkey Island, the natural rain forest, Yasuni National park among others.

The Cost of the cruise per person begins from $1,966.00 Manatee has sufficient space to host up to 30 guests each with their own private washroom and a source of hot running water

Manatee has great boarding facilities and services accompanied by high safety measures.

Manatee has exciting activities like swimming, Night excursions, Canoe Trips, and many others.

Anakonda Amazon River voyager is among the few most luxurious cruises. It is the available luxury ship that cruises to the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest at the minimum cost of $2,440.00. Unique places like the remote and natural areas with few visits. The Anakonda Cruise is also called a five-star boutique hotel on board. The name a five-star boutique hotel makes Anakonda cruise a more expensive journey. Anakonda cruise hosts ten more guests than the Manatee. Contrary to the carrying capacity of the manatee cruise Anakonda hosts ten more quests.

It has large and more comfortable beds and panoramic windows. Anakonda has an ideal large observation space which among many things that help to do it provides a spectacular view of nature.

The tour budget costs include accommodation on board, all meals on board, transportation among many provisions. More info required here can be checked out on the Voyager website.

Desafio Amazon Cruise not like the other cruisers It can only accommodate up to 24 guests. It is newly renovated it offers exciting cruises on Amazon and Negro Rivers. Despite the small size of this Amazon river cruise presents nature in an exciting way. The excited multi-lingual hosts are always ready to point to travelers every wildlife, and other things like flower species.

The cost of adventure at Iberostar Amazon Cruise is the cheapest so far. It projects the lowest costs so far $910.00 on the minimum per person. More Amazon River Cruise can be read on the Amazon website.

Amazon tourism is crucial for the survival of endangered species like the Jaguar, Manatee or river dolphin. The visits will demonstrate both to the locals and government that conservation can earn money.

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